Bevelia Hospitality Group is committed to accompany the client every step of the way towards developing his hotel project by delivering customised services suited to deal with the specific issue besetting the scheme. Bevelia Hospitality Group has set a mission of providing unbiased documentation to our client to enable him/her to pursue a sound strategy, mitigate risk and maximise the project’s probability of success.

We provide a full range of services to our clients who have interest in this sector, or who are looking to enter them, through development, acquisition or other means. Our experts have extensively covered the Russia and CIS regions over the past decade, spanning from the Kaliningrad region to Vladivostok, the Balkans and the Baltics.

Bevelia Hospitality Group possess solid on-the-ground experience, professional hotel consulting skills and international expertise for the elaboration of business plans, market and feasibility studies, facilities programs, preparation of investment proposals and other considerations applicable to the respective market under investigation.

For owners, investors and institutional lenders interested in ascertaining the value of a trading hotel asset, Bevelia Hospitality can conduct RICS/IVS compliant hotel business valuations, which adopt all of the applicable guidance for valuing trading entities stipulated in the RICS Valuation Standards (Red-Book). With regard to trading properties, Bevelia Hospitality is also in a firm position to conduct operation audits and due-diligences aimed at improving the property’s performance in light of our analysis.